Thursday, 11 August 2011

Step into the Fire: Dealing with Hellions.

That icon color change buff went too far!

Since Terrans are running amok with their Hellion builds Zerg players that like to use heavy zergling/upgrade builds are having quite a bit of difficulty thought I would show you how I deal with it.

I thumb down small or close position maps so I can try and have more macro orientated games. So even though it can be risky versus blind Two-Rax I still hatch first most games (rematches I 15gas/15pool) and mostly use this build order.

9 - Overlord (you can 10 overlord and extractor trick if you want, its about the same)
10 - Scout with 10th drone, rallying egg to spawns.
15 - Hatchery at Natural
14 - Spawning Pool (If you got lucky on spawn locations or your drone made it there in time, you can change this to 16 Spawning Pool if it doesnt look like two-rax, they are mining gas or have started a command center)
16 - Overlord
18/20- Queen from both Hatcheries, start a gas gsyser and three drones on gas when its done.
22 - Overlord ( when the larvae from your Queens hatch you will need 4-8 free supply).
25 - Roach Warren (can be a drone earlier or later really)

Build six Roaches when you're able to, can leave one or two with a queen on the ramp and send the others to pressure the Terran. If you're timing is good you can show up there when the Hellions are getting ready to attack or while they're in the base, Roaches shrug off Hellions and it should put the Terran under some pressure (iv had some had to land Vikings or send masses of SCV's to defend).

At some point you will want a Spinecrawler at your natural to help defend any Hellions you cant stop with the Roaches, time to put it down depends on how much you think you can get away with, but after the Queens are started at minimum.

Because a lot of Terrans use this build to expand when you attack they shouldn't have much else instead of Hellions, a couple Marines and a Command Center building. You can use these Roaches to delay them expanding and getting ahead of you economically. It almost always forces them to build some Marauders or a bunker while allowing you to Drone up unmolested.

Where to go from now? If i see them with a Command Center, Ill take a quick third so I am a base ahead (Macro Hatching around 50 supply) but I generally won't stay using Roaches, Ill get Evolution Chambers and start upgrades on Carapace and Melee attacks, getting all my gasses when I have around 40-50 Drones and then getting lair. This transitions nicely into a Zergling, Baneling, Mutalisk play.

Things to watch out for: Hellions are some time used to distract while going for Banshees or Drops. If you cant spot a Command Center you might want to build a quick Evolution chamber and get a Sporecrawler at each base. A third Queen is always good for Creep spread and defense. If you see a Viking then it is probably for taking out your overlords so they can drop you unawares, in that case you might want a Spinecrawler covering your mineral lines and get some extra Zerglings and Roaches for defense. Also if you spot a two-rax then they might be preparing to all-in you (very common in lower leagues) if it is a two-rax make sure they don't get a bunker up at your natural (have your second overlord over the Hatchery to spot things) and pump out Zerglings and get one to three Spinecrawlers (two probably best) after you have held the all make sure to Drone and replace your army. If they don't all in you then you're probably behind on workers, but they will want to expand so use the army you made to deny their expansion for as long as possible.

Good Luck!
Hopefully not you after reading this.


  1. Looks like good strategy. Can't wait to try it!

  2. Heheh... I'm terran myself. I just build marines.

    A marine walked into a bar and said "Where is the counter?"


  3. I actually spat out my drink at that Marine joke, well done rofl. XD

  4. you have to be very careful where you place those spincrawlers, a few feet to one side, and its game over. Nice guide :)

  5. i don't play starcraft but looks good

  6. Wish I had SC2 but looks like a solid strat for them.

  7. This looks epic!

  8. Easier said than done. Easier said than done. :(

  9. Yeah it can be tricky, if you slip up and let the hellions into your base it can be game over, roaches are quite slow so its hard to actually catch them if they get inside, spinecrawlers covering your mineral lines later in game are helpful in case a medivac comes in with a couple during a large battle.