Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hobbit Extras wanted (In New Zealand)

Despite the fact a very few of my readers are actually in New Zealand, if you just happen to be then tomorrow there is an open casting call to star as as extra in the Hobbit films.

I will definitely being trying my luck tomorrow with what I can only imagine with be thousands of others. Actually I do have some experience as an actor, ranging from those school plays that everyone is in to actually being an extra for a few New Zealand made television series. There was actually a casting director that was always around my old highschool, who was looking for people to star in "The Tribe" series, which I heard was popular overseas but I never watched it myself. Anyway maybe if fortune smiles on me I can have my visage on screen in the Hobbit for a few seconds, wish me luck!

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Whelp I was was drying and putting away some spoons when I saw some movement coming from the drain in my sink. A few horrifying seconds later this emerged.
As far as things that come out of the sink, this was pretty tame and I was relieved after seeing what it was.  This is a NZ Huhu Beetle, they live most of their lives inside trees as larvae and apparently the beetle form only lasts about 2 weeks in their lives.
 I recorded some footage of it then placed it outside, if you're interested here is information on the Huhu here!

New Topic: Any of my followers HP Lovecraft fans? Im a big fan of his stories myself, and thinking about playing through Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth on my Youtube Channel. I would love to do a reading of a few stories (Like Cthulhu or The Shadow over Innsmouth) although I'm not sure about the copy right for uploading readings from books onto youtube atm, anyone know?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another achievement in the form of numbers.

Was looking on my youtube today (as I do every day, every 10 minutes to see if anyone else is looking at my videos, the video page though so my views don't count to total views). When I noticed this, normally I don't like these sort of references to memes but I did actually chuckle and thought it was kinda cool.
 I was actually a bit of a DBZ fan as when I was in high-school so I guess its a bit of the past coming back to me.  Subscribers is still fairly low but its starting to pick up a bit, 1 every day or so hopefully people are starting to notice my content. Actually I started making some semi comedy tutorials for Starcraft, foul language and all included, check it out if you're so inclined.
Over all I'm fairly happy with my content at the moment, my biggest weaknesses are vocal sound quality from my crappy mic (and naturally low voice), I would do these in 1080p instead of 720p if Ihad a better internet connection, but with my cap I cant really afford it at the moment...I do try to throw in the odd 1080p one though.

 And for all those people that just want to see a cat and not read much, I didnt forget you, oh no!
Also thanks for getting me up to 103 Subs on blogger! If even a fraction of you would like to do the same on my youtube channel, here is the direct subscribe link! =)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

100 Followers (-1)

Close enough I guess, would like to thanks all those involved in (almost) making this momentous occasion.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Blogging and Youtubing New Year Retrospective

Happy New Year everyone! As I am approaching 100 subscribers I thought I would reflect on the past couple of months. After on a whim deciding and picking a name and starting my blog I released that most people that actually read what little I write don't really follow Starcraft, which makes my blogs title somewhat redundant. I choose the name because it rhymed even though it was grammatically incorrect. I also found that while I still love Starcraft, when writing I prefer to talk about current events or what I have been up to in real life. After some thinking I decided to put the bulk of my Starcraft content in video format for my youtube channel I think this is a better medium, since video games are a visual thing themselves video works a lot better than text. 

Some quick thoughts on youtube, its a lot harder to get subscribers than on blog sites. Most people will sub to you on blogs if you comment on them, even if they don't follow you just as a courtesy, on youtube its a lot harder subs but a lot easier to get views naturally. Every time I get a new sub on youtube I smile, new subs on blog doesnt really excite me as much, but for blogs its more about the comments you receive because you know at least they have glanced at your page, even if it was just to say "cute kitty"

And in Starcraft News: