Friday, 19 August 2011

Project A: Episode 2

 Following last weeks episode Project A: Part two continues the story of old Brood War pro Yellow on his journey to become a Starcraft Two pro and leading to his show-match with old rival Slayers_Boxer. In this episode he actually starts to play the game and learn how the game works, so its a bit more informative than the last. But no less amusing with its Asian wacky broadcast style and jokes lost in translation. 
I knew it!

Also in this episode it shows you were he will be training and staying for the month long series. GomTV has step him up with a nice hotel room to himself, which all things he will need while he trains. This is actually incredibly lavish for a Korean Pro gamer, usually a large group will all stay in one room with computers all next to each other. Because of Yellows high profile though and the because this series is about him he gets to be a bit spoiled. 
Although, nobody leaves. Hotel Prison.

Also in this episode he meets his two coaches, one of them being the OGS Coach. Both of his coaching having hid till they were ready to introduce them...

Two guys hiding in your bathroom? Its more likely than you think.

They also were kind enough to bring him some house warming gifts, a new computer to practice on and some umm..

Editors note: Project A isn't gay porn..

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  1. Terrain is imbalanced! wahhh! Some people take it too seriously, and some not nearly enough :D

  2. Oh South Korea, your love of Starcraft knows no bounds.

  3. I seriously don't know what I'm looking at here :P

  4. Ye haven't convinced me this isn't some weird Korean gay porn. Although once, it would be nice for someone to handcuff me to my computer, so I haz an excuse to not get off the damn thing. These guys take SC2 pretty seriously...

  5. I'm watching this when I get home. I wish I could get coaches for Starcraft because I suck at it.

  6. Wish game competitions were like this in the states, could be fun.

  7. your living the life. jalous :)