Tuesday, 9 August 2011

MLG Results Chart

Some ice graphs and info from MLG was released.

Most interesting to me is that over the couple of days for the event the Hellions Infernal Pre-igniter (blue flame) was researched 320 times. The ladder is full of Hellion builds as I mentioned in one of my earlier  posts about SEA atm, a lot of Zergs have problems with this and are suffering heavy losses from. I use an expansion Roach build which is extremely effective Vs Hellions which I might post about next if anyone is interested in it.

Source of Graph:


  1. I watch a lot of replays, and it's interesting to see the statistics broken down like this.

  2. Interesting that they put numbers like this in MLG.

  3. I was not surprised by TvS or PvZ, but Protoss vs Terrain was REALLY close. Very cool infographic.