Monday, 26 March 2012

Why you shouldnt take break late.

So now that I have a now have a job things have been very busy for me, time seems to just go by so quickly. I have been working very hard lately, and tend to take my breaks after just finishing a current load of work, so usually this means that I start and finish my break 3-5 minutes later than the rest of my work mates, instead of pausing it and just taking it straight away.

So why shouldn't you take your breaks late? Because you'll miss the chance to meet this guy.
Seriously, all my work mates got to meet Stephen Fry! I mean, Its not like I'm a big Stephen Fry fanboy or anything, but still I cant believe I missed him by just a couple of minutes. Such is life though, being able to pay rent is cool too...I guess.

Well anyway here is a funny like video someone made about him.

Other stuff update:
Well if you remember that I went to a casting call for The Hobbit I actually got an email from there, basically saying "Still interested? We just want to know if you are, not saying we have anything for you to do yet.." so that's kinda cool, might still get a chance to be in it =)


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you missed Mr. Fry. Tough luck, but you're right about rent. It feels great to pay it! haha

  2. It's a pitty that you missed him, I'm sorry for that!

  3. Heavens forbid I don't meet him. haha BTW...I made you new blog of the day.

  4. Fry is sooo going to rock in THE HOBBIT!

  5. Nice man! Too bad you missed him though.

  6. Sucks you missed him, what a minute or two can do. Still a chance to be in it too, that is cool, hopefully it comes due.

  7. I hope you make it into The Hobbit, and I'm extremely jealous your work mates got to meet Stephen Fry. Damn I'd like to meet that guy.

  8. THanks for your visit, haha I love hardcore accessories. lol

    BTW followed you lovely blog. I hope you can follow me back =)

    xoxo <3

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  10. okay, i have no idea who that guy is... ~_~ and your busy work days sounds so familiar LOL

    good luck on the movie thing ^_^


  11. Thanks a lot for visiting. It seems many movies have been shot in New Zealand like "The Last Samurai".
    Anyway good luck!

  12. I don't know who he is, but loved reading your post!! Good luck with the Hobbit!!BTW, i just found out your blog and loving it. I am now following you too! I'd appreciate if you checkout my blog and follow back!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  13. Is it bad that I don't know who Stephen Fry is either? Also good luck with the Hobbit thing.

  14. Owch! Now all your coworkers will be talking about meeting him and you wont be able to join in on the conversation!

    Great to hear the update! You're one step closer to being an Hobbit! Good luck!

  15. it's nice to have income...
    I thought he looked familiar, funny vid
    and if you get the part I'm sure we'll know but we'd all like to know exactly where we'll be able to see you once the film is out, I had an uncle in the old BSG series and you could clearly see him every time they entered a bar

  16. Wow! I hope you make it to the Hobbit and then Stephen Fry can ask you for your autograph, unless of course he's late on his break as well.

  17. Good luck with the hobbit stuff!

  18. Where do you find signups for things like that anyway lol?

    1. Was on the local auction website actually.

  19. Too bad about the Fry guy, but yay for the Hobbit!

  20. If I missed meeting Stephen Fry I'd be kicking myself, hard.

  21. That man is absolutely fantastic.

  22. I don't know him but looks interesting.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  23. Fingers crossed on The Hobbit! How cool would that be!

  24. Maybe you can meet him next time:-) Thank you for your lovely comments. I like you blog and am following yo now. Hope you can follow mine:-)
    hugs from New York,
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  26. Wow, that sucks at you missing Mr Fry, but I really hope that you get a place in The Hobbit...although I still can't understand how they can make two movies out of it!


  27. Wow, that definitely sucks. Would love to meet Mr. Fry too!

  28. That's kind of a bummer that you missed the opportunity to meet someone famous, but work is work, what can you do.