Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Monkey SEA, Monkey Do.

Quick update on season three for Starcraft Two on South East Asia. While I have been pretty busy lately with study but have fit in about 48 games of laddering so far and decided to ramble a bit about it. MLG has had a large effect on SEA and NA servers as I'm sure most players will have noticed.

Versus Terrans:
Biggest chance up in the ladder recently has been Terrans copying the recent Hellion centric builds shown in MLG in the past week. Around 80% of the Terrans I have fought so far have been using it, unfortunately for me as a player that doesnt use Roach much (outside of ZvZ) so this has been fairly difficult for me, making this my hardest match up so far this season. If you play Zerg I would recommend being smart with your Spinecrawler placement, and use your Queens to block your ramp when they aren't injecting, good overlord placement to scout drops is always good as well (but I hope you were doing this previously). One tip for Zel'Naga caverns, you can use an Evolution chamber to block off the path that leads through those shrubs at your natural so Hellions cant swoop in through them (just the way Terrans put Engineering Bays to stop ling runbys) if you need creep there just use an overlord. I cant blame them for copying a powerful style though, so more power to them while Zerg find ways to deal with this style.

Versus Protoss: 
I haven't had much trouble with Protoss, many Protoss are using more archons in their builds. With Dark Templar into expansion then merging into archons for their two or three base plays. These can be a bit difficult to deal with if you're not on hive tech, infesters can neural parasite them and then you can send your army in. This has a several bonuses as now your army wont be AOE'd by the archons, it damages their army and the most important factor you can use their archons to break their own forcefields, so your lings can connect to their army. Caution though, gateway archon armies usually include high templar, they will attempt to feedback your infestors so if you neural two or three hight templar quickly try and feedback their own units. That also prevents them from using storm on your army.

Versus Zerg:
By far my best match up this season, the majority of my opponents has been Zerg so I have had a lot of practice with it. Not too much to say on it fairly the same as it was before. However I am noticing more windows to go mutalisk before infestors come out. If you notice a late lair you can fit in mutalisks and do quite a bit of damage too them, the beauty of this is that if they counter attack you send your mutalisks home to fight their ground army and you can send your ground army of lings or roach to their base and they will be forced to either return home or base trade you, if they return home they take heavy losses from the mutalisks and if they dont they lose all their production. If you do choose mutalisks be sure to add a lot of spinecrawlers to your front so it makes it harder for them to counter attack, and if they get out infestors break up your clump of mutalisks so its one to each infestor, then fungal growth is hardly effective and they eventually lose all infestors while you get yours out or go for more air units. 

My current results from laddering:
ZvT: 4-8
ZvP: 6-6
ZvZ: 13-5


  1. All good things come to he who waits

  2. Your in south east asia? I lived there until a couple months ago. Last time I did ladders was in DII. Nostalgia...

  3. Actually from Aus and in New Zealand, but Blizzard puts Australasia into SEA servers.

  4. nice post, btw when starting League of legend i would recommend starting with tanky champions until you know most of the champion skills, so you know what is being used against you.
    - all the tanks
    - olaf,Mundo,Gragas,Garen,Renekton (these are a few)


  5. Thanks for the tip B-squared, ill check those out. Not really a fan of melee though but probably shouldn't start off with something fragile I guess.