Monday, 31 October 2011

Crazy Korean Commerical Time!

Been awhile since I linked one so enjoy!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

More Doodle or Die Fun

Here is a couple I have done and some peoples ones I found pretty funny or good.

Again hope you guys check this time waster out its a lot of fun, Doodle Or Die

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ridiculously Fun Time Waster: Doodle or Die

This is so much fun I actually stayed up all night playing it. Basically you explain a drawing or draw from an explanation, so its like Chinese whispers for drawings. Honestly I almost cried from laughing so hard when I played this. Check it out! Be warned though, because it depends on people for drawing a lot of people draw dicks and stuff etc, such kids haha.
Example of drawings people do.
Check it out here!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Shoe-box full of cake.

Short update from my holidays, my Mom came down for a surprise visit and brought me a birthday present of home made cake, inside a shoe box. Also she went to bar across the road, bought a shot of brandy and then poured it over the cake o_0.

Actually a fairly normal thing for her to do, nice cake though hopefully it will last me a bit. Also in Starcraft 2 news, a lot of info about the upcoming expansion Heart of the Swarm which I will do a post about after all the info from Blizzcon comes out. Have a good Weekend everyone.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Some more New Zealand wildlife.

Hey guys, been playing with my new camera a bit and thought I would share some more photos from New Zealand.

This is a native New Zealand Wood Pigeon they are larger than common pigeons and green and stick to the forests or near trees, unlike common pigeons that just make town messy.

Ok just some ducklings nothing special here haha, ducklings are just cute. Its spring here in the southern hemisphere though so we are seeing a lot of them.

Terrible photo unfortunately, since I took this at midnight. But its actually a Southern Boobook (we call them 'Morporks') Its a small owl that's a bit rare, actually first time I have seen one in the wild since they are hard to find at night. They have a distinctive call that sounds exactly like "More Pork, More Pork" hence the name. Really cute bird actually think its the only owl in this part of the world. Will try to get a better picture another day.

This cute little seal has been living on the waterfront lately, he sleeps on the break waters next to the footpath in the middle of town. So close you can actually pat him, though I wouldnt recommend it. I think tourists of the Rugby World Cup are feeding him or something because I have seen him a lot lately, first time I saw him there was a little blue penguin swimming around him, almost like one of the animated buddy movies where two animals become friends ahaha. On a more serious note there has been Orca whales in our bay recently, so I hope he is careful.

Hope you guys enjoyed these snaps from my town here in Wellington New Zealand.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Birthday and Completed University!

Hey guys, haven't been wrote anything in ages. Had exams recently and just finished so hopefully I will have more free time now. Also my Birthday was a couple days ago so got some nice new stuff =)

One of the things I now finally own is a digital camera, took a couple pics today to show you guys.
This is one of the native New Zealand birds called a Kaka, it's a native brownish parrot with red underneath. Native New Zealand parrots are notoriously mischievous and will scratch and try and eat parts of parked cars for fun. They are also very friendly, and because I live next to a wild bird sanctuary they usually fly around my area and I feed and pat them from time to time. Fortunately I was carrying my new camera and snapped a shot since no one here believes me since they are endangered birds.

Sometimes they bite the hand that feeds them though...

Take it easy guys!

Edit: Made a Squidoo Lense for these birds, check it out here!