Thursday, 23 February 2012

Weekend at the Farm.

 I love chickens

Well back from my weekend visiting my relatives, had a great time! My cousin was having his 21st, and I didn't get to see any of my family over Christmas so it was a long overdue trip. It was really great to see some faces I haven't seen in years, was only there for the weekend but we got to do a lot of stuff you cant really do in Wellington (since they live up North its really quite a lot warmer. They have a really cool property too, it has a river for swimming, room to keep horses, tracks to ride quad bikes on etc.
Waterfall too.
Really think the time out in the sun was good for me, I do spend way too much time inside but with the constant rain and wind in my town I don't feel very motivated to go outside most of the time. About the only part of the trip really was the bus ride there and back, going up was during the day and I went with my younger brother so it was fun (but 10 hours long) but the way back was really awful, I got the night bus back hoping to sleep through it but I ended up wedged between two sweaty men, and couldn't stretch out so was awake 90% of the trip, one of them got off the bus at their stop and I was able to steal their seat, but it was when we were 20 minutes away from my destination anyway.

Such is life though, all that time of the bus was well worth the trip.
Some of you might also remember that I went to The Hobbit casting call auditions, no word from that yet but on my form I put down that I was able to ride a horse, so I was pleased to see I still could. Honestly there was just so much to do there, they even had a trampoline so I made a short video of my brother, thing with my brother is he has red curly hair everyone loves so doing flips on a tramp is especially funny to watch.
Yep hes pretty good at them. 

Unfortunately all good things most come to and end, and Im back in Wellington and naturally its raining and windy all day every day again. Still, feel recharged a bit from the trip and a bit more positive day to day just holding on the memories. 
Did I mention I love Chickens?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Update on myself and recent photos of Sendai Tsunami Zone

Hi all, been a couple weeks since Iv had some free time. Been pretty busy looking for work, unfortunately still unsuccessful in that area. I did go to a interview for the JET Programme to teach English in Japan (basically what my degree was about) but a couple months till they will respond to with those that were chosen and even then doesn't start till August so still need something till then.

Had a good interview for a 6 month role which would have been idea, I was actually shocked at the interview because they mentioned the pay scale was 30-40 an hour (around twice my average).
My face when I heard 30-40 an hour.

Really disappointed I didn't get that one to be honest. Oh well life goes on, over the weekend I will be visiting some family up north (in a 10 hour bus trip) so maybe ill take some nice New Zealand scenery photos for you guys.

Also this is a really amazing set of photos from the Sendai Tsunami with then/now shoots.

Also still Youtubing, decided to try my hand at a parody video of quick scope montages you see for COD or MW3 etc, tried to make it funny but maybe its just really gay haha would be good to get some opinions on it, only 40 seconds long =) 

Although if you have never seen a no scope vid or dont like Starcraft it will probably just seem really bad to you, but its sorta meant to be like that, anyway have a good weekend all!.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The SCP Foundation

SCP is a cool little wiki basically people write there own creepy stories which are presented like government reports. Some are good, some are bad (mary-sue / insert characters), but some are really amazing if you like a good ghost story.
Here is a couple I would recommend: 

Reason I got back into this is because someone made a free downloadable game from the staircase one and its actually quite terrifying its only 30ish mb so I would recommend it!

Naturally the SCP-087 game is more immersive if you read the story first then play it, its cool because its randomly generated so each experience is different(as different as a staircase can be, at least). Also I am not really scared easy, but my girlfriend I made her play it for your amusement, lots of screaming...enjoy!
Also she had to walk home after playing this, down 500 stairs from my house (I walked her home of course =)

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