Friday, 26 August 2011

Project A: Episode 3 The Match

That time of the week again,  and another episode of Project A was broadcast and uploaded Gom Tv. This episode takes place after a month Yellow has started playing Starcraft 2 and features the results of the show match between Yellow and old rival Slayers_Boxer. I wont go too much into this episodes as not to spoil the results for those that haven't seen it. But features much of the quirky Asian style that Project A has been show cases for the past few episodes. With special guest three time GSL champ IM_Nestea showing up to coach Yellow for a while in preparation for his match.

Kinda hard to see, but a big crowd showed up to watch the match.

This episode show cases a bit more of what Yellows actual skill is like after getting into Starcraft 2, so is a bit more serious. Sadly not as much lost in translation funny sounding subtitles as the last few episodes. 

Or was there?

As always, you can check out Project A for free at

For no reason, here is some Banelings.