Thursday, 20 October 2011

Some more New Zealand wildlife.

Hey guys, been playing with my new camera a bit and thought I would share some more photos from New Zealand.

This is a native New Zealand Wood Pigeon they are larger than common pigeons and green and stick to the forests or near trees, unlike common pigeons that just make town messy.

Ok just some ducklings nothing special here haha, ducklings are just cute. Its spring here in the southern hemisphere though so we are seeing a lot of them.

Terrible photo unfortunately, since I took this at midnight. But its actually a Southern Boobook (we call them 'Morporks') Its a small owl that's a bit rare, actually first time I have seen one in the wild since they are hard to find at night. They have a distinctive call that sounds exactly like "More Pork, More Pork" hence the name. Really cute bird actually think its the only owl in this part of the world. Will try to get a better picture another day.

This cute little seal has been living on the waterfront lately, he sleeps on the break waters next to the footpath in the middle of town. So close you can actually pat him, though I wouldnt recommend it. I think tourists of the Rugby World Cup are feeding him or something because I have seen him a lot lately, first time I saw him there was a little blue penguin swimming around him, almost like one of the animated buddy movies where two animals become friends ahaha. On a more serious note there has been Orca whales in our bay recently, so I hope he is careful.

Hope you guys enjoyed these snaps from my town here in Wellington New Zealand.


  1. wild wild west! awesome pics =))

  2. New Zealand has many beautiful animals. (:

  3. the one with red eyes in the night...I would be running in the second photo xD

  4. That owl is kinda creepy but I love the seals and the buff pigeon :)

  5. omg, looks like that seal was chillaxin there