Sunday, 31 July 2011

Community Spotlight: Lindsey Sporrer

Whats this, girls in my Starcraft?

A new comer to the Starcraft 2 scene Lindsey Sporrer has been creating quite a stir ever since her first appearance in the recent North American Starcraft League finals.

Wow! An attractive model plays Starcraft you say? Well no, not yet anyway. Lindsey is a professional model that was hired by NASL to do interviews during the finals, this was her first exposure to the Starcraft 2 scene. In itself that caused a bit of an outcry, people were upset she was asking questions about Starcraft when she had no idea what was going on. Realistically it was just a job for her, but she has since taken an interest in the game. While it may be a publicity stunt, she has expressed interest in playing and plans to stream her very first game and while she learns so she and her fans can have a laugh while enjoying something new.

So shes just a pretty face then?
Amazingly this isn't the case, apparently she has Bachelor in Science with a 4.0GPA. To be honest she is a lot smarter than I am but of the two of us one was also runner up to Miss California 2011, Ill let you guess which of us it was. Sounds like she has it all then, if she gets into Starcraft seriously then surely she will be a media darling to the community, however women have an uphill battle in this area. Many people get annoyed that women can and do get special treatment in gaming, being much more popularized with fewer talent than their male counterparts. In theory female GSL caster Kelly Milkies should have done well, shes female, Asian and plays and casts professional Starcraft, but she has been the target of much criticism for not being perfect and having an accent. Lindsey has already been the target of slander and "trolling" attempts (interestingly she did a study on cyber-bullying and is now the target of it)but has also had a large following from Starcraft fans almost overnight. Definitely helping her get more exposure, they say there is no such thing as bad publicity.

The hilarious Zac interview, listen to the last couple seconds carefully.

What the future holds for Lindsey.
Of course Starcraft isn't Lindsy's career path, she dreams of being an actor as well as a model. But she does plan to be a part of the community and have her try at the game, she is currently setting it up so she can stream her first games for fans to enjoy. Of course it wont be easy to win some people over, and there will always be the thought in some peoples mind that this is just a career move to be a "girl into gaming". But with the right attitude and a little practice she could be a big part of the up and coming American Starcraft scene. Best of luck to her!
Intriguing! Where can I find more of Lindsey to, umm you know learn about her career and stuff?

Lindseys Homepage:
Lindseys Twitter:!/lindseysporrer
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  1. maybe she'll like if she played it..

  2. Welll hel-lo Lindsey Sporrer. I might just have to watch this show.

  3. I agree with people that are mad about an interviewer asking questions about a game she doesn't even know about. Props to her is she learns how to play and gets good though!

  4. Of Pericles, to rage the city turn, Following!

  5. super hot and super smart, pretty rare such women!
    lovely post though, keep it up

  6. A girl... A hot girl...In my Starcraft 2.... Impossible.